Training elite junior golfers is our academy’s greatest passion and it’s why our academy has grown to become British Columbia’s premier junior training facility. Throughout our 22-year history, we have achieved success on the local, provincial, national, and professional levels and quite simply know the exact process needed to develop elite junior golfers. We accomplish this by applying 3 important philosophies into our junior lessons:


Individual Experience

Pacific Golf Academy doesn’t believe that one system works for everyone. Every student is unique and is given a customized learning plan based on their goals, tournament schedule, strengths and identified areas of improvement.

Holistic Approach

Pacific Golf Academy focuses on all areas of growth and development. Fitness and short game exercises are integral parts in developing a world class junior golfer. We not only teach the proper swing mechanics but spend time develop our students into athletes and short game specialists to ensure their long-term success in the sport.


Learning Environment

Pacific Golf Academy invests in the latest technology to help our students understand their swings better and achieve faster results. We provide students with a world class indoor training facility to allow elite juniors the perfect environment to develop their talents 12 months a year.We believe in helping our students grow and mature and fostering an environment where students ask intuitive questions and truly understand the dynamics of their own swing.

Our coaches spend the majority of their time every day working with talented young golfers. We realize the importance of developing great golfers both on and off the golf course and make sure to include some of golf’s biggest core values like honesty, respect, confidence, responsibility and perseverance into our lesson plans to help your junior golfer develop into their true potential.

Junior Lesson Prices

1 Hour Lesson - $ 175.00

5 Hour Package - $ 750.00

10 Hour Package - $ 1,350.00

50 Hour Package - $ 6,250.00

100 hour Package - $ 11,500.00

*For parents wanting to take lessons from junior lesson packages, they will be billed at plus 20%